Medical Waste Management

Medical Waste ManagementLaws and regulations imposed by local, state and federal agencies dictate that hazardous waste, contaminated with pathogen agents and infectious waste also known as bio-medical or regulated medical waste must be treated and disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.


The Bio-Hazard Sterilizer

The medical waste sterilizers operate with the technology of a high vacuum steam environment; with steam as the sterilization agent, operating at a pressure of up to 2.3 bar and a temperature of up to 137°C. Due to the unique design and special construction of the autoclave, together with the regulations requiring a minimum sterilization of 30 minutes, the sterilization cycle is relatively short, the entire cycle is no more than about 50 minutes.

The (BH) Medical Waste system is designed to dispose of all your infectious waste in an efficient, safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective manner. In compliance with the various international regulations, the following important factors were considered in the Medical Waste (BH: Bio Hazard) Sterilization System development:

  1. Produce an autoclave that meets the demands for large, but not necessarily heavy, volume contents and develop a cost effective, efficient system for any-size medical/research facility with a long term solution and a secure disposal method.
  2. Prior to sterilizing the medical waste, the air and condensate emitting from the autoclave during the first stages of the cycle as well as the air and condense emitted to the drain during and at the end of the cycle must also be sterilized.
  3. A system, which is user friendly. With the sterilization criteria met, expanded its medical waste program. Along with the autoclave, can provide a complete “turn-key”package including Analysis & Concept, Development and Set up, Implementation and Operation or partial service according to individual requirements.