Production for Project

Production for ProjectTrans by Getinge performs turnkey Sterilization Unit projects for the construction and installation of central sterilization units to private and official health agencies.

In this context, architectural design, construction works and installation works fo sterilization units are done and the devices are delivered ready to use.


The considered area for sterilization unit is projected by Trans by Getinge and the architectural design is done with required size and capacity. At this stage, general and specific requirements for the sterilization unit are designed and the required infrastructure is created.

Functional areas are created in the area which designed as three dimensional by placing required sterilization equipment.


Electrical and electronics equipment and other construction phases of the designated architectural project will be built by Trans by Getinge. Installation of the sterilization devices with the required capacity is done and the system is got ready to use for institutions.

In this context, the other necessary equipment for central sterilization unit are also provided by us.