Test Laboratories

Test Laboratories

Our test laboratory is used for the specific tests of the EN 285 standard. Our engineers are at your service with their knowledge and experience.

All safety and performance tests of the equipment are carried out by the appropriate measuring equipment, sterilization packs and apparatuses.

EBRO Routine Control and Validation System for Washer-Disinfectors & Steam Sterilizers

Trans by Getinge uses EBRO Routine Control and Validation System for Steam Sterilizers. EBRO software were specially developed for the cleaning and sterilization process in the CSSD, they contain exactly those features that are necessary standard-conform realization of routine checks and validation. System features are listed below.

  • Tamper-proof software
  • Detects and checks all relevant stages of the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization process.
  • Automatic determination of all relevant parameters (e.g. A0-value, F0-value)
  • Simultaneous start and readout of up to 4 data loggers per interface.
  • Automatic evaluation of all measured data
  • Professional process evaluation with an unambiguous result (passed/failed)
  • Display and print out of all temperature and pressure curves
  • veri
  • veri

For more information, visit the company web site. ( http://www.ebro.com/ )


Fo - Adjusting, Controlling, Validating

Essentials of Steam Sterilization Kinetics

D-Value or decimal decay time

Sterility as "Probable Effect" of Exposure Time

z-Value or temperature coefficient