Production Quality

Production Quality

Trans by Getinge is a corporation which exports its products to over 30 countries worldwide and which provides support and guarantee services to the products it exports. For this reason, it has adopted a model of manufacturing which implements the elements of quality constituting the World Quality standards required by the medical sector, in each stage of the manufacturing process.

It utilizes the information technologies required for the production, testing and validation stages constituting the World Quality in the Sector in the most effective manner, thus ensuring product safety.

The product quality of our devices as well as the production, validation and testing processes are subject to constant inspection by the quality assurance institutions with which it is affiliated. Our firm has been awarded the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 total quality certificates, and implements procedures of the Total Quality Management System in all processes.


The electrical and electronic equipment of the determined architectural project and other stages of construction are constructed by Trans by Getinge. The assembly of the Sterilization devices suited to the specified capacity is completed and made ready for the use of the organization concerned.

Other equipment of use required for the central sterilizer units are also supplied by our firm.