Production Process

Production Process

Our steam sterilization devices are the first devices of Turkey which have ISO and CE standards. Our certificated products are used in public and private organizations in health sector as a requirement of our Quality Management System.

Trans by Getinge designs and manufactures all mechanical, electrical and electronics in its own manufacturing facility.

Production of our devices is performed in the standard configuration. In the case of institutions requesting, further enhancements can be added to the standard configuration.



Raw materials, equipment and other supplied materials which are used in our products are performed in accordance with the procedure of quality system.

Purchase and storage records whose identification and traceability are kept in maximum level are followed by integrated software.



The devices are used in production are renewed and developed to provide maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.

With the new CNC machines, we perform the production of steel faster and increase our rate of success in providing quality workmanship.

We increase our production quality and safety by CNC production sowtware programs (Proengineer, Autodesk Inventor Cad/Cam, etc.) and constantly updated production technology.


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