Some of the "Central Sterilization Unit (CSU)" Turnkey proje
Adıyaman 82. Year State Hospital
CSU of 82. Year State Hospital (Adıyaman-Turkey)
Steam Sterilizer (Single Door, 420 Lt.)
1 piece


cts that are implemented:


Adnan Menderes University
Ankara Training and Research Hospital
Antalya State Hospital
Batman Private Zehra Hospital
Buca Maternity Hospital
Ceyline Private Hospital
Darende (Hulusi Efendi) State Hospital
Denizli Dencer Hospital
Erzincan State Hospital
Erzurum Training and Research Hospital
Fatsa - Avrasya Private Hospital
Gazipaşa State Hospital
İstanbul Provincial Health Directorate
İzmit State Hospital
Nevşehir State Hospital
Numune Training and Research Hospital of Ankara
Pasinler State Hospital
Samsun Oral and Dental Health Center
Tokat Oral and Dental Health Center
Tokat Maternity Hospital
Topraklık Oral and Dental Health Center
Zara State Hospital